Congratulations Jordee Fracchia

Well done to Jordee who passed her RPC last Friday. This week she has been straight back into it , training with Daniel for her Navigation Endorsement and also building up some solo hours for her passenger endorsement.

Great Job Jordee, 😎

Craig Byron and Shaun Mackin have successfully passed their Navigation Written exams this week and Shaun flew his first SOLO NAV flight today.

Well done to both of you. Craig has a can of Solo waiting for him this Saturday on his return!

YBSU – Update to RWY 13/31

Holding Position Markings

Mandatory Instruction Markings Install – TWY F, A1 and A2

Please be advised that Sunshine Coast Airport (SCA) has recently installed Mandatory Instruction markings pursuant to CASA MOS139 Section 8.40, to further enhance the visual acuity and awareness of the RWY Holding Positions for the 3 locations – TWY F, TWY A1 and TWY A2. Refer attached photos.

We are cautiously optimistic the fuel bowser is now working!


A new meter should be here in the next week or so.

We expect the works going on airside of the Aero Club to increase from now for the next 2 weeks or so. This should not effect us however keep an eye out for increased movement of the trucks and earthworks equipment as they prepare to lay the asphalt early to mid September.


Our friends in the control tower have requested all students and pilots are to be fully aware of the requirements when operating  in the circuit. In particular:

AIP AUSTRALIA 01DEC 2022 ENR 1.1 -55

During the initial climb-out the turn onto crosswind should be made appropriate to the performance of the aircraft, but in any case not less than 500FT so as to be at circuit height when turning downwind.

Note: CASR 91.390 (1) (b) – outlines exceptions in this requirement.


Ask Quentin or an instructor before you fly if unsure.


All Private Hire Pilots are to ensure bugs are removed off the aircraft  and the aircraft is in the condition it went out in when you return. Clean and Tidy, with Pitot Cover On and Canopy closed.

Please and Thank You!

A reminder the Sea Eagles Meeting  due tonight will not be going ahead due to many of you going to the Pacific Air Show this weekend.

Have a great time if you are and be sure to send through some amazing photots.