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Join us again this Friday from 4.30pm for another Wagyu Burger BBQ!. If you were lucky enough to come along last time and taste these scrumptious burgers then you will know what i’m talking about, and……

With Jag the Joker also at an all-time record of  $1800.00 this is looking to be a Friday night not to be missed!!!!!!

This week we have had the pleasure of Mackenzie Peek joining us from St. Teresa’s College for her week of work experience. Mackenzie has an interest in becoming an Air Traffic Controller, A big thank you again to our Air Services team Naomi and Brad in the tower today for our visit.  

Safety Notice

Another reminder to put the Pitot cover back on after your flight. It is designed to prevent debris or bugs from entering the pitot tube while the airplane is parked.

The Fuel dips have been replaced in Sling 1132 and 8667. Please turn the yellow tip on the end back in lightly as a safety precaution please.

These are some great habits to get into and be reminded of , especially as our new Sling Aircraft

SLING 23-2087

is collected over the coming days!!!

Further details to come.!

Sea Eagles will meet tonight from 5pm.

ZOOM DETAILS for those unable to attend in person.
MEETING ID: 828 4252 1697
Passcode: 896602

Click on the Sea Eagles logo for the zoom  connection link