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Ray passed his RPC this morning.! His determination and persistence has paid off and today was his day. Well done Ray!.

Ray has played a big  part of the club and was out participating with many of our members this week playing a “casualty” as part of the Sunshine Coat Airport Multi-Agency Emergency  Field Exercise earlier in the week.  You may event have seen him on TV!  if not  CLICK HERE

Ryan and Seb, ready for the safety exercise.

SLING 2087

To fly the new Sling, 23-2087 Both Student and Instructor will need to have met the requirements of the Sunshine Coast Aero Club

“Pilot Proficiency Program.”

Further details to come regarding this over the coming weeks.

SLING 8667

Sling 8667 again has had some flap damage acquired this week which may or may not have been realised at the time however requires the need to AGAIN remind all flying members to take care with getting in and out of aircraft, be careful how you push the aircraft around. Look and report any defect you notice prior to or after your flight. If your unsure, report it anyway.

Be quite conscious of signing the maintenance release. If you sign the release then you are effectively confirming the aircraft is not damaged at that point.  

Farewell Ty!

Ty is off to Broome next week to fly a Caravan for a few months!. A great opportunity for him and we wish him all the “Best on the West”. Thank you for your time with us Ty. Hurry back!

An update on instructors and the new team in the next week.

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Some upcoming events for the diary:

Aviation Australia careers expo

Saturday 3rd June 10am to 4pm. Aviation Australia, 25 Boronia Road, BN Airport.

Free admission

Australia Defence Force Careers Information Session

Thursday 22nd June (Sea Eagles meeting), 5pm at the Aero Club.

Parents are very welcome to attend.


School Holidays activities at the Club 

Tuesday 27th June and Monday 3rd July, 9am start both days.

Expect Aeroplane washing, visit to an airport agency and film brainstorming for sponsorship/promotions.


Pacific Airshow – The Gold Coast

18th – 20th August

Next Friday ⬇