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Sling News

23-2087: Online

23-1132: In for its 100 hourly maintenance.  Likely due back today with out any unscheduled maintenance…Well done to all who have flown it!

Thank you Ben Rodgers for helping out with the ferry to Caboolture.

24-8667: Off line awaiting a part from South Africa

Many of you have been lucky to have a training treat in  Sling 2087 this week while 1132 has been in for maintenance.  

Quote of the week

“Every Landing is a failed go-around!”

FUEL $2.20 per litre

The Club has been provided an opportunity to pass on some Av Gas to MEMBERS at $2.20/litre.

Please get in touch if you would like to arrange.

Navigation Endorsement


12th 13th 18th and 19th July

From 5.30pm 4x 2 hour ground sessions.

Dates are just about ready to finalise. Please confirm your intent by submitting your name on the button below.

Click Here to Confirm your spot

Safety Meeting & Wings presentation Night

Our next Safety Meeting is scheduled for THURSDAY 06th JULY 6pm after the scheduled Sea Eagles Meeting

Enjoy the rest of the week and week end. Remember to book in for your School Holiday lessons, spaces are starting to fill now.