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Look who’s back!

Welcome back to the Sunshine Coast Aero Club SLING 8667 !

A very happy Club President Lenroy Trimmer gladly collected 8667 from YCAB Tuesday Morning with Instructor Andrew.

3 planes operational!

Sling 1132 will be going in for its 100 hourly maintenance very soon. Sling 2087 is back from its 50 hourly maintenance check, we have a full hangar! and plenty of instructors to keep everyone happy.

Quentin Carter : (CFI)

Oliver Plowman: Instructor (SNR)

Daniel Saunders: Instructor (JNR)

Andrew Muirhead: Instructor (JNR)

As many students are at the stage where they need to fly with Quentin to move forward, it is necessary for those who have regularly flown with Quentin to have some lessons with the other instructors. You will need to fly again with Quentin yourselves so we need to free up some CFI time for him to be able to do that.

and as Student Kevin said today after his flight with Daniel,

“that was his best lesson to date!” (Sorry Quentin) 🤣

Mike will be back on the BBQ this Friday for his famous  Wagyu Burgers.

For only $5.00 you cant go wrong.

Spread the word! but also please RSVP for catering if you haven’t done so already!.

Please note the bar will open from  4.30pm.


When using the switch/lever to turn on and off, operate by hand as apposed to the bowser handle. pull the lever up to turn off.


It was a pleasure to welcome David from New Zealand during the week, a member of the Otago Flying Club. He couldn’t have picked a better day to take a trial flight with Daniel.

Meet Instructor Andrew !(for those who haven’t as yet  met him.) Andrew and Lenroy helped to ferry Sling 8667 back home earlier in the week.

Andrews first student to go Solo was Kai Chapman last Friday. And this week Kai achieved his second Solo with an Orbit thrown in for fun! Well done Kai and Andrew!

Another week of work experience students this week from Suncoast Christian College, Sunshine Coast Grammar and a special mention to Noah all the way from NSW!

A big thank you to Seb, one of our Sea Eagles and member of the Aero Club for taking on the role of Teresa’s assistant the past week or so. He has done a marvelous job escorting students here and there, showing them the flight simulator amongst other duties.

Thank you Seb!

And a thank you to our airport community again this week for the various tours and visits you have allowed our students to participate in.

Sunny Coast Tower, ARFFS, AFT, Mach jet, McDermott Aviation, Sunshine Coast Airport, Life Flight,  Bonza, Flight Options/Jet Centre and QUEENSLAND AIR MUSEUM in Caloundra again for supporting our work experience programme.

Navigation Training

Navigation /Cross Country Training concluded this week for Lee, JJ, Damon and Alex. (the ground lessons anyway) Now to get the flight training side of things done to obtain their Cross Country Endorsement.

New dates for the next course have been set.

12th 13th 19th and 20th September.