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Sunshine Coast Airport Live ATC

A big thank you to our friends at AFT Advanced Flight Theory who have sponsored and have worked with Trevor Macfarlane to get up and running our Sunshine Coast Live ATC link.! You can now click on the button below and listen to the Sunny Coast Tower.  

Thank you Trevor and AFT!



First Solo: Peter Markey.

Peter has put in a solid effort of training over the past few weeks and has now flown Solo for the first time. Well done Pete!.

Congratulations Kai Chapman on your First Area Solo this week. Looks like a great adventure up and down the coast.

With our live ATC link Kai’s parents who were not on the Sunshine Coast at the time were able to track him on flight radar and listen in on his radio calls.!

There is an approximate 10 second delay but as close to live as we can get at this stage.

Some exciting news also in from Qantas FTA: Our very own Oliver Earl celebrated his (second) First Solo this week in the Diamond.

Congratulations Ollie!👏

Celebrating with a bucket (or a few) of water tipped over his head.

Something to start up here maybe?🤔


$8.00 Enchiladas!

Margaritas and Mimosas for $8.00!🍹

Recognise the Mexican! He has his money bags ready for the Jag the Joker winner this Friday, or will it jackpot again for another week!!!

You have to be in it to win it, or as the Mexicans say

“estar en el para ganarlo!”