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Sunshine Coast Aero Club ATC live!



Incase you missed it last week,

A big thank you to our friends at AFT Advanced Flight Theory who have sponsored and have worked with Trevor Mcfarlane to get up and running our Sunshine Coast Live ATC link.! You can now click on the button above and listen to the Sunny Coast Tower.  


Kai Chapman passed his RPC Recreational Pilot Certificate Last Friday after a solid 5 week stint on the Sunshine Coast from Brisbane.

Well done Kai, We have enjoyed seeing you daily around the club and wish you all the best in your future Aviation Career.

Congratulations to our instructor Andrew Muirhead on his first student to complete his RPC. Well done Andrew!


During an Aero Club Instructor meeting this week, some important issues were discussed to pass on to all students and pilots as a reminder.

AIRCRAFT: Clean the aircraft after EVERY flight and make it tidy and presentable for the next user . Wipe off the bug splatter! If you do not know what to use or where it is, please ask.

WEIGHT and BALANCE: It is now an RA-aus requirement that we are all completing a W&B and are saving this to your Flight Circle flight. This can be completed on the computer in the office or we still have the paper W&B for you to complete if you prefer. They need to be uploaded to your flight file. If you are unsure ask to be shown on your next visit.

PRE FLIGHT:    A.F.A.F.A    

Conduct these checks in order.

A= ADMIN       (Flight Circle Dispatched, Check MR)

F= FUEL          (Check Level, Refuel if required)

A=AIRFRAME (Inspect per POH, Remove Pitot Cover)

F=FLUIDS       (Check oil, Water and Brake Fluid)

A=ADMIN        (Sign MR, Flight log sheet)  

It is mentioned on the cover of the aircraft log books if you forget!


                      Good afternoon Aero-Clubs, Flying Clubs, Sea-Plane Pilots, Recreational Aviators, Hang-Gliders, Parachutists & Other Aviation Enthusiasts,


          Attached please find a four-page poster about Army unmanned aircraft flying in R685A and R685B (near Tin Can Bay) during the period 09th August 2023 to 31st August 2023.


         Army SHADOW unmanned aircraft (weight 210 kgs, speed 70 kts) will be flying in the Wide Bay Training Area (Restricted Areas R685A and R685B) surface up to 16,000 ft AMSL


          Our operators will start their flying from Wednesday the 09th August 2023 and will continue until Thursday the 31st August 2023.


         Could you please bring this notification to the attention of your pilots, hang-gliders, parachutists and to anybody else who you think might need to know.


         Please feel free to copy this notice and/or the posters into Facebook, Websites and Newsletters.


Regards, Stephen


Stephen Huxtable

Regimental Aviation Safety Officer

20 Regt RAA

Gallipoli Barracks, Enoggera QLD 4051

0417 439 548


Good afternoon,


The RAAF Roulettes are planning a flying display overhead Brisbane (Bowen Hills) on Saturday 12th of August 2023. A Temporary Restricted Area (TRA) will be established for the display. This advisory is for operators most likely to be affected by the TRA, a NOTAM will follow.


Date/Time:         – 12 AUG 2022 0700z – 0730z (1700L – 1730L) TBC



Centre:                 – 27ᵒ27’00”S 153ᵒ01’58”E (EKKA Showgrounds, Bowen Hills, QLD)


Dimensions:       – SFC – A050 (upper display limit A050 in CTA) within 3.5nm of centre point.


Aircraft:                – 1 x PC21


The crew will be talking to BN ATC and monitoring BN CEN 125.7. The display will cease if required due any aeromedical/police requirements.


Please feel free to pass this information on to any other local operators.



Saturday 19 th August

At Gympie Aero Club 9am to 12noon

This is a FREE EVENT after a CASA grant. Landing fees are waived for this event.

Arrival refreshments plus lunch provided. STAYING ALIVE topics include;

Hear CASA discuss Lessons from Close Calls and Accidents; ATC discuss how their  services can add safety and pleasure to your flights; how to avoid gliders and parachutists; Flight Planning tips pre and during your flights; collision avoidance at non-controlled aerodromes; good radio use OCTA to avoid ‘muggin pilots’; changes to regulations, what you must know; special Q & A and interactive discussion – and more.

Flying in? To avoid landing fee, email you rego number to   NLT

Wednesday 16 th August.

For catering, please also email to

This safety workshop is even more critical after recent tragic events.

Tell your friends and register now.


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