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Flying School Students / Club Flying Members – For your convenience you can pay for your Flying Lessons and Aircraft Private Hire or ‘top up’ your Flying Account here. First step, please close out your flight / lesson invoice(s) in Gombo and print 2 copies, then follow the instructions below.Payment Instructions:

  1. Enter your Gombo Invoive No. in the “Gombo Invoice #” box and the Invoice total amount in the “S Total” box, then select “Add to Cart” (twice)
  2. If paying for more than one invoice, select “Continue Shopping” and repeat (1) above until all invoices have been added
  3. Proceed to the checkout page
  4. Log in using your SCAC username and password, or create an account, then complete the checkout payment process

Note: please make sure your ‘checkout’ total adds up to the totals on your Gombo Flight Invoice(s). If not, find the error and fix it before completing the ‘checkout’ process!


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