Endorsement Training at the Sunshine Coast Aero Club!

Get Your Aerobatics Endorsement!

Description: An aerobatics endorsement won’t just allow you to have unlimited fun in the sky, it will also teach you a greater understanding of aerodynamics, stick and rudder skills, safety, and recovery skills.

What do I get?

  • Aerobatics endorsement, 3000′ minimum altitude. Our aerobatics course syllabus goes way beyond the CASA minimum requirements for the AERO & SPIN endorsements.  
  • Spinning Endorsement (see below)

Our Course Minimum Hours: The course is competency based, but most pilots will complete the course in 10 hours or less

Indicative Cost:  Dual hourly rate is $379.00 Incl GST.  Long Briefings, including all reference materials, are $45.00 each. Book your first lesson, then ‘pay as you go’

What can I add?

  • Lower levels to your aerobatics endorsement.

Complete Your Aerobatics Training Part Time or Full Time

  • Intensive 3 Day Aerobatics & Spinning Endorsements Course (Competency based, average is 8-10 hours dual training, briefings, notes and on-site accommodation. (meals extra) – $3,985.00 ) Note: available from Archer Falls Airfield only “No Landing Fees!”. Book 1st lesson, then pay as you go! Courses are run once per month or on demand.
  • Part-time Aerobatics & Spinning Endorsements Course (Competency based, average is 10-12 hours dual training, briefings, notes and all landing fees – $4,397.00) Book 1st lesson, then pay as you go!

We can also provide:

  • Inverted Spinning
  • Competition Aerobatics Training
  • Extra 300 Advanced Aerobatics Training
  • ADF Pilots Selection Preparation Training
  • Emergency Maneuver Training

Get Your Spinning Endorsement!

Description: A spinning endorsement will teach you excellent stick and rudder co-ordination and increase your confidence in flying. It will also help you to immediately recognise and recover from a spin in the safest and quickest manner.

What do I get?

  • Spinning Endorsement on your RPL or above.  Our advanced spin recovery course goes way beyond the CASA requirements to teach you how to confidently recover from incipient spins, fully developed (stabalised) spins, aggravated / mis-handled spin recovery, and the PARE and Beggs-Mueller recovery methods. 

Our Course Minimum Hours: There are no minimum hours as this course is competency based.  Some flyng schools will give a spin recovery endorsement after a briefing and one flight.  Not here!!  Typically it will take  3 – 5 hours to meet our standard.

Indicative Cost:  Dual hourly rate is: $379.00 incl GST.  Ground briefings  incl. reference material $45.00 Inc GST.  Book your first flight, then pay as you go.

What can I add?

Inverted spinning and spinning on the Extra 300 can be organised for an additional cost. Contact Us for more information.

Get Your Tailwheel and MPPC Endorsements!

Description: Tailwheel and Manual Propeller Pitch Control (MPPC, use to be CSU) Endorsements completed in the Extra 300 advanced aerobatic aircraft.  

What do I get?

  • High performance, tailwheel training!  If you just want a Tail-wheel ‘endorsement’ in your logbok, this is probably not for you!  However, if you want to really learn the skills needed to fly high performance, ‘twitchy taildraggers’ with confidence, then this endorsement is definately for you!  Manual Propeller Pitch Control endorsement can be included if required (This was called a Constant Speed Unit CSU Endorsement)

Our Course Minimum Hours: The course is competency based and the Extra 300 mid wing is not an easy tailwheel aircraft to master.  Typically between 4 hours and 10 hours to reach solo standard. 

What can I add?

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