Learn to Fly


From your first lesson to taking friends and family on a scenic flight around the Sunshine Coast – you can do it all at SCAC.


Our Courses

Paced Learning

The Sunshine Coast Aero Club prides itself on not being a large flying academy, we are able to provide each student the attention they deserve. You can choose when your next flight is and how quickly you progress through from your first flight to having a Recreational Pilots Certificate with Cross Country and Passenger Endorsements.

Trial Introductory Flight

This is the real thing! YOU fly a real aircraft yourself, with an experienced instructor beside you all the way. You will fly our fantastic Sling 2, a modern and safe aircraft with full dual controls and a fabulous view of the beautiful Sunshine Coast below you. Your instructor will have you climbing, turning and descending the aircraft all by yourself in no time at all!

Student Pilot Starter Kit

The best way to get your start into aviation at Sunshine Coast Aero Club is the Student Pilot Starter Kit (SPSK). The Starter Kit will equip you with all the tools required to start flying training. No previous flying experience is required and there is no minimum age to begin flying training!

Recreational Pilots Certificate

A recreational pilot certificate (RPC) is perfect for someone who is looking to take up a new hobby in flying or take the first steps toward becoming a commercial pilot. There is no minimum age requirement to start flying training.

Cross Country Endorsement

An RPC Cross Country Endorsement is the next step in your aviation journey following on from the RPC. This endorsement will give you much more freedom when flying.

GA to RA Conversion

This course is designed for pilots who already hold a CASA Part 61 pilots licence (RPL, PPL or CPL) who are looking to fly RA-Aus registered aeroplanes. You will learn about the differences between the General Aviation (GA) aircraft and Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). All hours conducted in RA-Aus registered aircraft count as aeronautical experience towards further GA licences such as PPL and CPL.

Hours of Operation

8:00am – 5:00pm