Learn To Fly At The Sunshine Coast Aero Club!

Flight Training

At the Sunshine Coast Aero Club we aim to provide the utmost professional training at an affordable price in a fun environment. We are the first in Australia to offer low interest  financing options for recreational flight training, making it even more affordable to become a pilot.  We also offer advanced training including spin recovery and aerobatics. Our instructors are highly experienced and have a wide-ranging skill-set that will cater to your needs.


Training Environment

  • The Ideal Training Environment
  • Controlled Airspace – Learn in a safe & professional environment
  • Full Emergency Services and Runway Lighting
  • Big Airport Look, Small Airport Personality
  • Controlled Airspace = More Destinations = No Limitations!
  • Quiet Uncontrolled Training Area to the North (Noosa, Teewah etc)
  • Busy Uncontrolled Training Area to the South (Caloundra, Bribie Is etc)
  • The Perfect Mix of Airspace = Training Tailored To Your Needs

What Type Of Flying Are You Doing?

Medical Requirements

To learn to fly you must obtain either a Class 2 Medical or Recreational Aviation Practitioner Certificate (RAMPC).

Dependent on the type of medical you obtain will dictate your privileges and limitations. Also the process about obtaining the two are different.


Some commonly asked questions about learning to fly at the Sunshine Coast Aero Club.

Please call us if you need anything clarified or if you have further questions!