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Established 1959

The Sunshine Coast Aero Club was established in 1959. Since then both the Airport and the Sunshine Coast Aero Club have grown substantially.  For over half a century the club has provided a focal point for aviation enthusiasts in the region, aided by the commitment of many men and women who were united in their passion for flying and a community spirit to help others.  

From that rich history, the club has grown into one of the leading professional flight training facilities on the Sunshine Coast. With a focus on providing affordable training courses for the RAAus Recreational Pilot Certificate and with a seamless transition to the CASA Recreational Pilot License (RPL) and advanced skills training for Activity and Design Feature endorsements including Aerobatics, Spin Recovery and Formation.  

Although we are now a dynamic 7 day per week professional flight training operation, we are still firmly a ‘club’ at heart with a friendly social atmosphere and great facilities where club members can drop in to our air conditioned lounge bar any time with friends for a beer or a coffee and a game of pool.  Members also enjoy numerous social events from monthly BBQ’s to flying events and competitions, with funds raised going to local charity groups.  

The club is ‘the meeting place‘ for anyone with an interest in aviation, so drop in and say hello!

  • Flight Training
  • Aircraft Private Hire
  • Fly Aways
  • Club House with Licensed Bar
  • Local Community Events
  • Sunshine Coast Mayor, Mark Jameson is the Club Patron
    Club Patron Mayor Mark Jameson

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What Others Thought

“One of the best experiences of my life! Not only was I blessed with the fantastic company of Ivan but he flew us all along the Coast to see the sights from above! A truly wonderful experience and something we are all truly thankful for!”
Sam Mandeville
“Doug’s professionalism and friendly attitude is second to none. Highly recommended!”
Cory Ballinger
“Doug is professional and so much fun. Highly recommend him to anyone.”
Shannon Finnigan
“Fun place with fun people!
Flying around the coastline and seeing the ocean from the air is SUCH A COOL EXPERIENCE!
Big Thanks! :-)”
Joshua Groth
“Great bunch of people and really like the facilities, such a warm feeling. Only just joined but looking forward to the social events too. :)”
Alex Robertson
“Fabulous and amazing place.”
Gerry Starr
“Had my first hands on lesson with Flight Instructor (Doug Field), best experience ever. Sunshine Coast Aero club is so welcoming. I had so much fun. Thank you. You will be seeing more of me in the future.”
Vik Sjp
“The Aero Club is a great place to share your love of flying. Having been involved for over 10 years we’ve met some great people who’ve turned into great friends. Even though I don’t fly it’s great to sit and listen to the stories told with a passion that I can only admire.”
Tamara Carter