Welcome to THE Sunshine Coast Aero Club

The Sunshine Coast Aero Club is a social flying club located at the Sunshine Coast Airport (YBSU formally Maroochydore Airport). We are situated north of the Maroochy River central to the beautiful Sunshine Coast beaches and only one hour north of Brisbane. The club caters to both general aviation and recreational aviation and has been in continuous operation since 1959!

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CLICK HERE  –  Seven Local News Fly-in Coverage – 6th Feb 2014.


As a Flying Member with a PPL license, you will be entitled to club rates to fly a selection of GA and RAA aircraft  from the convenience of Class ‘D’ airspace. As a Social Member, you will be welcome to our regular social evenings in our licensed clubhouse.


The club is one of only a few in the country to conduct flight training from Class ‘D’ airspace.  This gives our students a distinct advantage over students at other flying schools in the area as they gain valuable experience  and confidence to operate their aircraft in controlled airspace.  For students that are looking at commencing a flying career, this also represents a significant cost saving.

What does it cost?  At the Sunshine Coast Aero Club, we are not a commercial high volume training organisation. We can dedicate the necessary time to each student. These days, learning to fly can be affordable for nearly everyone.  The RA Aus Pilot Certificate minimum requirements are 15 hours of dual training  and 5 hours of supervised solo training.  The flight time is charged at an hourly rate (currently $245.00 Incl GST). This includes the instructor cost.  It is normal for the average student pilot to require around  10% – 15% more time than the absolute minimum hours, even more if there is a break in the training. There are other incidental costs (which some schools forget to mention) i.e. theory text books, pilot log book, licence fees, RA Aus and Aero Club membership fees, ground school flight briefings and theory classes.  In summary, at the Sunshine Coast Aero Club it is going to cost you approximately $6,725.00, or approximately $250.00 per week spread over a 6 – 7  month period to become a qualified recreational pilot!  This is assuming you can average one lesson per week (less time and cost if you can fly more often!).  Our Student Pilot Starter Kit   provides the essentials to get your flight training under way as quickly and economically as possible in one cost saving package! 

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